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Give your child the gift of learning a second (or third!) language!

At Coloquia Language Arts we understand that the earlier a child learns a second language, the greater are the chances for him/her to become fully bilingual. We are committed to help students to reach their full potential at a very young age. It is never too early to learn a second language!

At our academy we provide instruction to small groups of students or in private sessions.
We will also go wherever you need us! Our instructors are willing to travel to a class location of your choice. All students from 5 to 18 years old are welcome in our classes!

Our main goal is to help students become fully bilingual. In addition, we provide different services to cater for students’ academic needs going from private tutoring to test preparation. We promote a stress-free learning environment where students can gain knowledge without pressures of any kind.

With the help of an extended group of professional instructors and educational psychologist, Coloquia has developed a set of teaching techniques and programs to ensure students’ success. The name of our method is “Coloquia Direct Connect”. Our method has proven to be highly popular and effective… Check our Testimonials.

If the children are very young, we begin with the Natural Method; we want them to feel safe and at ease. Children learn through music, games, rhymes, stories, pictures, and whole lot of fun! This approach requires minimum effort from the students, yet is very efficient.
For children in elementary school and older, we implement active learning strategies using communicative language teaching through interaction in the target language, contributing with personal life experiences, and linking the classroom learning with activities outside the classroom.

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