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Get a better grade at school or ace that challenging Exam!

Coloquia Language Arts provides first-rate tutoring services at a reasonable price. Our highly trained instructors will be able to furnish the utmost personalized tutoring program to ensure students achieve success and master academic material and subject matter in a timely manner. After a preliminary session with the student, the instructor will be able to identify what areas need enhancement. From then on, he/she will customize a specific curriculum targeted to improve the students’ academic skills (Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, etc), specific subject matter (Math, Science, English, Foreign Languages, Social Studies, etc), or preparation for standardized tests (SAT, AP, STAAR (former TAKS), GED, etc).

This tailor-made program will center on the students’ strengths and weaknesses starting from reinforcement of areas or subjects already mastered and moving up to more challenging material and areas that need improvement.

Our goal is helping students to learn the material, coaching them on how to study correctly. This approach ensures that students learn by internalizing information thus enabling them to not simply memorize it, but also comprehend how to solve problems, follow directions, think critically, and answer questions.

Students take control of their own learning process; therefore, they effectively learn the information and in addition get a better understanding of how the learning process works. Immediately students get a sense of success and confidence because now they know how to study right!

Our classes are individually taught, so students receive undivided attention from the instructor. Our knowledgeable and upbeat tutors are committed to lead students to meet their academic needs. This close interaction will ensure that the instructor can closely follow the student’s progress and development.

Where are the classes taught? Well, we will go where you tell us! We can provide classes at Coloquia Language Arts’ offices, at your home, at a library or at any place of your convenience. Call us today so your child can take the road to success now!