About Us

Our Mission

Welcome to Coloquia! Our mission is to provide outstanding language training, translations and interpretations for companies and individuals. Through the creation of customized language courses and the provision of professional translations and interpretations, Coloquia Language Arts is committed to offer top quality services to corporations and people of all ages and nationalities facilitating the interaction and integration of cultures from all over the world.

Coloquia Unique Instructors:

Coloquia’s instructors are multi-lingual and multi-cultural. They teach only their native language insuring that students get exposed to cultural influences as well as the grammatical aspects of the language being taught.

Coloquia’s instructors utilize specially designed sets of teaching materials for every one of our students. These materials can be adapted to fit the pace and depth of each particular student’s progress at any time. All our instructors are professionals who have undergone extensive training in the methods of teaching languages.

Who are we?

Alejandra Fout

President of Coloquia Language Arts

President of Coloquia Language Arts.

Lucas Jimenez

Spanish - English Specialist

Bilingual teacher graduated from the University of Houston with a dual major in Bilingual Education and Spanish. In addition, he holds a M.A in Spanish Culture and Literature.

Olga Helmer

Office Manager

Holds MA degree in Accounting with Major in Economical Analysis from State University of Agriculture, Lugansk, Ukraine. Coordinates and oversees various business operations. In charge of company’s finances and Head of Translation Department.

Our History

Coloquia Language Arts is a Houston, Texas based company formed in early 2003. Its founder, Alejandra Fout, started her Spanish courses from her home office in Cypress, Texas. Her services as a Spanish teacher became increasingly popular providing language services to the local community, public schools, and multinational companies.

Coloquia Now...

Now, Coloquia Language Arts is a multicultural company that offers services to people and companies, growing its net to establish strategic alliances throughout the world. Conveniently located in the heart of the Energy Corridor in the city of Houston, Coloquia's academy welcomes students of all ages and nationalities. Coloquia uses the Internet for 80% of its work, entering the company into the Go-Green experience.