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Language Classes
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English - Italian - Spanish - French - Portuguese - Mandarin - Russian

Private or Small Group Language Instruction

A tailor-made program with you in mind! We specialize in customizing unique learning environments to meet YOUR particular situation and needs.

Personalized Instruction. All our classes at Coloquia are specifically planned according to our students’ needs and goals.

Highly Experienced Instructors. Our classes are taught by a group of dynamic and professional instructors who develop a broad variety of personalized materials with the aim of helping students to achieve progress immediately.
They will help you to reach the next level based on your personal goals and expectations. They will not only teach you the “hows” of language, but also the “whys.”

Flexibility and affordability

At Coloquia, we understand that each student is unique and special, so our main purpose is to help students to progress according to their personal abilities and goals. The classroom is a student centered environment that promotes better learning and progress, and where you learn as much as you have fun!

Coloquia's results proves the method! Our team always takes students to the next level. Please, ask us for referrals…we have plenty! The classes are held at your convenience in the comfort of your business, home or our academy, at a time that suits your schedule, in group or individual settings. Coloquia’s Method proves to be highly effective.

We will advice you the best way to go from where you are today to where you would like to be in the future. We will guide you every single step of the way. Use the tools in conjunction with your effort, time and the expertise of your teacher and the results may be beyond your expectations.

Enjoy the journey!

“Our rates are comparable or better than our competitors.”

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