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Coloquia’s Languages

While demand for teaching English and Spanish as a second language is high, Coloquia also offers a wide range of languages to choose including among others: English - Italian - Spanish - French - Portuguese - Mandarin - Russian


Location of classes

Companies (student’s office or conference room) - Our Academy - Homes
Any appropriate place where the student/company would like to learn.

Length of class

1 ½ hour (minimum time per class) » 8 hours (maximum time per day for immersion courses)

Amount of students per class

We recommend a maximum of 6 students per class after the survival course is finished.


During the first class the instructor will make an assessment. After the class the instructor will make a report of all areas the student needs to learn or reinforce.

We customize the classes to fit YOUR needs!

You can follow our standardized program or we can create a customized language course for your business personnel. Put your company ahead of the competition by helping your employees becoming fully bilingual.

Coming from or going to another country?

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  • Cancellations have to be made 24 hours in advance. Otherwise full cost of the session will be charged.
  • Individual cancellations within a group class are not possible. There is no refund for sessions missed for any personal reason.
  • Payments have to be sent to our administration office by mail or made by phone with a credit card (Visa or MasterCard). Teachers are not authorized to receive payments.
  • You will be charged $25 fee for any returned check.
  • To assure your consistency in learning we reserve a right to change a teacher if a need occurs. You will be notified about such change in advance.

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We do not sell or trade your information to a third party.
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