It's Not Bragging If The Students Say

The following are several Comments from a few of our satisfied Customers/Students.

I have been having classes with Coloquia Language Arts for over a year. Through the interactive teaching of the Alejandra I feel very confident in my spoken Spanish. They use a mix of exercises, reading, and talking tailored to how you learn and take in information which is wonderful. Working for an international company she has taken me to a level where I have presented to clients from South America on very technical subjects and been understood!

Kellie A Frew

Senior Geologist - Product Marketing
Schlumberger Information Solutions

Posted on: 04.02.2013

We have used Coloquia Language Arts’ services to translate two courses that teach the basics of oil and gas production and the methods to mitigate operational problems. These courses are very technical (significant engineering and chemistry involved), contain demanding industry jargon, and frequently confusing. 
We have found Coloquia Language Arts very professional in their approach to our needs, excellent proof readers of the training material (always ask excellent and appropriate technical questions), and most importantly able to deliver our translations on time. 
Best Regards

James P. Smith

MI SWACO, a Schlumberger Company

Posted on: 01.02.2013

This is to inform you that we have done business with Coloquia Language Arts for the past eight months and are pleased to report that all business has been conducted by the owner and her company in a highly satisfactory manner. The staff has always be most helpful in providing information and advice for translating legal documents from English to Spanish. In the specialized field of energy, we have found that the translators at Coloquia are very familiar with the industries' terminology which has proved to be very beneficial to us.

Rachel L. Chapman. Paralegal

Constellation NewEnergy, Inc.

Posted on: 07.09.2012

The M-I SWACO Engineering Department has used Coloquia Language Arts as a translator on several occasions. The staff at Coloquia Language Arts has always been eager to help in any way possible with our translation, especially with the very technical and confidential nature of our business. We have been very pleased with their work and timeliness of their return of translations.

John H. Dunten

Drafting Supervivor, CD

Posted on: 07.09.2012

Coloquia Language Arts classes are really unique and straight to the point. In my experience, I was able to learn a lot in a relatively short period of time in terms of grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. After few months, I'm able to have short conversations with my classmates and colleagues. Dra. Alexandra Fout's unconventional but practical approach to teaching Spanish to the beginners can make anybody enjoy the flow of the classes. She has truly unmatched ability to bring the best of your language abilities to the surface. This is my second language apart from my native language and I enjoyed this style of learning much more than the style I'm accustomed to. I recommend CLA's Spanish classes to people who do not have enough time to spare for learning another language. I enjoyed it and I'm still enjoying it. 
Gracias por todo.

Alpay Erkal

Simulation Support Supervisor
Schlumberger Information Solutions

Posted on: 07.09.2012

Coloquia Language Arts has provided services that I have found to be very professional, effective and enjoyable. Their personnel have proven to be very flexible for scheduling issues and are quite dedicated in their work based on my experience with them. All work for my needs are done on our company's premises and the Coloquia personnel have adhered to all of our HSE standards and requirements in my experience. 

Kenneth Helmer

Sr. Career Development and Training Advisor - MI SWACO

Posted on: 11.04.2012