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Spanish After School Program (at Spring Branch ISD):
Give your child the gift of learning a second language!

An enriching extra-curricular experience for children ages 5 through 11.

Your child will learn to communicate in Spanish through dialogues, reading, listening, writing, rhymes, games, songs, crafts, stories, and more. Coloquia’s After School Program gives your child the opportunity to learn a second or third language through exciting activities without feeling like “learning.” They will take in the new language just like they have absorbed English or any other language.

What are the benefits of learning a second language at such a young age?

What do we offer?

We offer your child the opportunity of becoming not only bilingual, but also bicultural. We provide a dynamic and eclectic Spanish program in a safe and comfortable environment that allows children to have fun while learning and growing. Students participate in a wide range of educational activities and games specifically designed to develop language skills in Spanish at a steady pace. Our program is directed and coordinated by the professional instructors of Coloquia Language Arts who are experienced and dedicated to help students to achieve their full potential.

The program has been designed having in mind the different developmental stages of our students. Each group level follows and completes a unique curriculum that covers material through activities suitable for every stage and level.

A perfect blend of fun and learning! We provide materials and activities that ensure learning and entertaining. We understand that after a long school day students may feel tired and overwhelmed; therefore, we are committed to teach, but also provide the most comfortable setting that allows students to enjoy themselves while learning a second language. It is a proven fact that the learning process is much more effective if the students feel at ease and safe. Our stress-free classroom environment is conducive for learning as well as having fun!

Please, feel free to check our credentials. We have been teaching in the Spring Branch ISD area for several years and we have plenty of references from parents, teachers, school administrators and children alike. We will be happy to provide them to you or to your school district!

Teachers-Parents Commitment

Learning a language is an educational task. As teachers, we make use of all the resources available to help student to reach the maximum potential. Although we use games as part of the teaching-learning process, our Spanish class must not be considered just a form of entertainment, but an extra-curricular educational activity which will improve your child’s future.