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Coloquia offers you the possibility of learning from wherever you are in the world!

We understand that sometimes a busy schedule or personal circumstances may prevent you from physically attending classes. Or perhaps you just prefer taking classes from the privacy of your own office or the commodity of your home. Whatever the reason, we offer you the possibility of learning without moving from where you are! You still can achieve your goal by participating in our instructor-led virtual classes dictated in real-time.

In Coloquia’s interactive virtual classroom you will be able to learn the same material other students are learning in a physical classroom. The class will be dictated by one of our technology experience instructor who will teach you in real-time just as if you were in a “real classroom.” Our instructors will monitor student progress, review student assignments, and help identify and address individual student’s difficulties. In addition, they will always be available for additional support via email or phone. Coloquia’s website will also provide you with corresponding online practice, so you can continue improving your skills and reviewing materials at anytime.

All you need is a computer, a webcam, Skype (free software), and internet connection. You decide when and where and we will connect our instructors with you! The instructors will lecture you in real-time: you will be able to see, hear and interact directly with them. You will get immediate feedback from your teacher who will practice with you and also provide you with extra material and practice to work on your own. Check Tutorials and Exercises section.

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