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Translations & Interpretations FAQ

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What kind of translation services CLA provides?

CLA translates documents of any kind and subject matter: technical manuals, presentations, web pages, vital records, flyers or general correspondence for any industries such as legal, technical, medical, etc. We translate from and to any language of the world.

What is the difference between translation and interpretation?

The translation of a document is the written change from one language into another, communicating the meaning, as well as the feeling and linguistic nuances of the original document.

Interpretations refer to the spoken word. Interpreters translate verbally consecutively or simultaneously the speech produced by the speaker. The client has the option to meet with us prior the interpretation and hand us the material to be used in the presentation or just “surprise” us, like in case of legal depositions.

How do you charge for your translation services?

We charge our clients by the word of the source language. Rates vary depending on the languages needed. Services like editing drawings and formatting are charged on an hourly basis. Be aware of Monthly Specials for new and old clients.

I would like to change the format of my presentation, could you do it?

Yes, we can change the format of your document or presentation. Services like editing drawings and formatting are charged on an hourly basis.

How do you charge for your Interpretation services?

Prices vary depending on the language and field of expertise.

Do you charge a minimum amount of hours for Interpretation services?

Yes, we charge 2 hours minimum.

How do you deliver my translation?

We deliver via e-mail, fax, US mail, or any other way you request and we have available.

How can I pay?

Credit card (Visa or MasterCard), company or personal check or money order.

How do you ensure confidentiality of my project?

We consider all documents as confidential.
In case the individual or company requests, we have a CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT ready to be signed by both parties.